Heather Abrams

heather-abramsHeather Abrams

President of AIM DANCE INC.

I started dancing at the age of 3

1991-2000: Early days training with Rosemary Popovich – student of it all!

1996-2001: Canton Ballet Co Member Studied with Cassandra Crowley, Jennifer Catazaro Hayward, Angelo Lemmo, Inna Strabrova & Laura Alonso

Performed in productions like The Nutcracker, Peter And The Wolf, Sleeping Beauty, Swan Lake, Frankenstein, Dracula, and Regional Dance America Festival

2001-Present: Professional BellyDancer & Polynesian Performer

2008: Studied with Jillina for the BellyDance Superstars tour

2009: Started instructing and teaching workshops in Columbus, Ohio as well as Pittsburgh, PA., Virginia and West Virginia

This demand grew and workshops were taught and I was guest judge for many events such as The Miami BellyDance Convention, and taught workshops in California, Idaho, and Texas.

2010-2011: Featured in “Project BellyDance “ online show. 1st runner up and am featured in 3 instructional DVDs

Shake it Out with Sherena

Ballet Blast

Project BellyDance: The Final Six

2011: In order to keep up with the demands of students and classes I opened Art in Motion Dance Academy September 2011

2012-2017: I created the HipCurve BellyDance Certification Program that trained many teachers and performers in the area including help structure Art in Motion Pittsburgh.

2016: Shine With Sherena coaching & performance technique program. This program helped coach and choreograph pieces for several award winning performers from Pittsburgh, Virginia, West Virginia, NewYork, as well as Ohio. Many won totals in Greece, Florida, Maryland and many other BellyDance competitions.

2017-2019: I am continuing to bring dance styles together – lending my Choreography talents to events like Touchdowns and Tutus for Canton Ballet as well as the first instructor to bring belly dance and ballet together for my award winning choreography The Pharaohs Treasure featuring dancers from my dance Academy.

2019: While my dancers study many styles of dance including international dance, ballet continues to be the heartbeat of my studio and I am very proud to announce that students of my academy were excepted into prestigious ballet and musical theater programs at the Pittsburgh Ballet Theater American Ballet Theater, and AMDA.

Heather Abrams aka Sherena – no matter how you know her, you know that she is dedicated to helping train confident and well educated dancers in many forms of dance.

Regardless of age or ability dance helps shape so many in many positive ways and AIM Dance Academy will continue to make a difference in the arts.

This dance instructor works with the following styles:

  • Ballet
  • Bellydance
  • Flamenco
  • Lyrical Jazz
  • Tap
  • Tumbling
  • Hip Hop